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Why use an induction loop?

Induction loop or Hearing systems help people who are hard of hearing pick up sounds more clearly by reducing background noise. They work in a particular area when a person’s hearing aid is switched to the ‘T’ setting. This allows them to focus on sounds – such as a person speaking – from the loop system microphone rather than the internal hearing aid microphone, which will normally amplify all noises in the area. The system helps hearing aid users to communicate efficiently and confidentially, even in noisy environments where deaf and hard of hearing people often struggle.

  • Cuts out unwanted background noise
  • No need to use a receiver/headset
  • Sound goes directly into the hearing aid
  • Can be used by anyone with a compatible hearing aid
  • It is inconspicuous
  • Cost effective
  • Any number of users can use the system

Digital Vision are a reseller for the Ampetronic Induction Loop range of products.

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