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K-Array Anakonda An Innovation in Audio

Traditional speaker boxes have long been bulky and inconvenient, two factors that make them highly unsuitable for various environments. For a number of years, those in search of great sound quality, easy integration and discreet visibility have had to either accept the traditional speaker box, and all its faults, or forgo audio altogether. Thanks to the K-Array Anakonda, those introducing sound systems to the most challenging applications don’t have to compromise.

A revolutionary speaker module

With its lightweight nature, discreet visibility, weather resistance and flexibility, there are few places where the K-Array Anakonda speaker module can’t go. Anakonda has been expertly designed and developed to provide a problem solving solution like no other. Unlike traditional speaker boxes, the K-Array Anakonda provides exceptional audio quality, even in areas that have no surfaces to mount speakers.

Whether it is the traditional speaker issues you are looking to overcome or a desire to implement sleek design and unobtrusive modules you wish to embrace, K-Array Anakonda provides a long list of innovative features to achieve all this and more.

Solutions for all applications

K-Array Anakonda speaker modules have been at the centre of a number of impressive installs since their market launch. Ideal for boardrooms, public spaces and retail outlets, the K-Array Anakonda has become renowned for making the trickiest environments both visually pleasing and audio perfect. Each Anakonda module measures in at 2 metres long, and up to 32 can be joined together to create a sound line of some 64 metres. Whatever your desired length, the integrated male and female connectors ensure an uninterrupted, continuous line that looks elegant and seamless from start to finish.

The K-Array Anakonda modules are also extremely light and flexible meaning they can be easily integrated and interweaved with existing structures for improved sound distribution throughout your chosen venue. K-Array Anakonda products have already been used successfully across broadcast studios, cafes and restaurants, fashion shows and other events, hotels, museums, theatres and concert halls, theme parks, stadiums and other sporting venues, and transport facilities.

Choosing K-Array Anakonda

The visual look and feel of a room or larger venue is important to organisers and will be easily criticised by guests if something is amiss. K-Array Anakonda can be used to improve audio quality and bring sound closer to people in a non-obtrusive manner. Modules can be installed vertically and horizontally to complement your venue shape and size, and sound distribution requirements, making them a portable, flexible and adaptable solution for any indoor or outdoor space.

K-Array Anakonda is extremely easy to use, with the device’s presets providing a standalone solution as a flexible PA system or able to be combined with other accessories, such as K-Array subwoofers, for an entirely different experience. Maintaining your K-Array Anakonda modules is simple and each comes with a choice of two fabric socks to safeguard the speaker from the dust and debris that could over time impair sound quality. Interchange speaker colours, selecting black or white, for an even more seamless result.