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Digital Signage For Business

Whether you’re looking to enhance and promote your company brand, inform employees of company activities and business practices or looking to advertise and inform visitors of your services and solutions, Digital Signage For Business is by far the most eye catching and visually more appealing media to use.

Placement of a screen can open up new uses; for example, in reception a screen can be used to give visitors the latest company information. In areas with high waiting times, like outside a lift, Café or Coffee machine, important health and safety announcements, company initiatives and new members of staff can be displayed, reaching many people. By use of custom screen templates you are able to display content in the format of your choice, brand the templates with your corporate identity, include welcome screens, display RSS newsfeeds and Live TV, incorporate Video, Animations and still images and all are easily updated and controlled from one central location.

As specialist providers for Digital Signage for Business, we can create solutions which deliver real business benefits for your organisation. Our Digital Signage solutions for Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Corporate Environments are designed around the individual needs and demands of the client. Our Specialist AV Consultants will work with your business to develop a Digital Signage solution which ‘works’ for you, and delivers results. We can recommend high quality Digital Signage solutions, which we have ‘tried and tested’ over many projects before. This expertise and knowledge allows us to make the appropriate recommendations, ensuring client confidence in our solutions.