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For Education

Projection For Education

More and more education establishments are using projection as a tool to aid teaching, Interactive whiteboards & projectors enable anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto a whiteboard that then enables students to interact and transforms the classroom into a truly interactive learning environment. As a specialist provider of AV solutions for the Education sector, we are best placed to provide Projection solutions to your School, college or Sixth Form.

A Visualiser is not just a fancy overhead projector, it is a live camera that picks up live images and allows you to view them over any display device. It can be a piece of paper, a transparency, a 3-dimensional object, a 35mm slide, an x-ray or even a large item or person in a room. You can point, annotate, zoom in and out, and get different views and angles by turning an object. It helps people absorb and retain information by exciting visual technology.

Theatres, Sports Hall, Drama studio and School Halls with a Stage are perfect environments for large format front or rear projection screens. By Projecting off of a foil mirror, we are able to produce a large, bright image whilst keeping the projector up high out of harms way so enabling students to pass close to the projection screen without casting a shadow on to it.

Utilising a projector is still the cheapest form of producing a large format image over LCD, DLP or LED technology whilst offering high brightness and high contrast images.

As specialist providers of Projection Solutions for Business, we can create solutions which deliver real business benefits for your organisation. Our Projection Solutions for Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Corporate Environments are designed around the individual needs and demands of the client.

Our Specialist AV Consultants will work with your business to develop a Projection Solution which ‘works’ for you, and delivers results. We can recommend high quality Projection Solutions, which we have ‘tried and tested’ over many projects before. This expertise and knowledge allows us to make the appropriate recommendations, ensuring client confidence in our solutions.