Digital Vision - Making a Visual Difference
For Retail

Projection For Retail

Whether its huge, daylight-visible video displays in storefront windows or sleek, frameless, floating imagery in-store, projection delivers an impact that is unique and powerful for retailers. Projected media is opening up entirely new dimensions of visual possibilities for retailers that want to get creative with digital signage.

The use of projection has many advantages over HD screens, the main advantages being high brightness and contrast and the ability to go ‘very large’.

 Rear projection gives you the ability to project bright, eye catching content directly onto your store window which can then be made touch sensitive so allowing customers to interact with your brand and product 24/7.

 3D Holographic projection takes the retail experience to a whole different level with the ability to project High Definition video and media content within a live stage setting using Peppers Ghost technology.

As specialist providers of Projection Technology and Solutions for Retail, we can create solutions which deliver real business benefits for your organisation.

Our Projection Solutions for Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms and Corporate Environments are designed around the individual needs and demands of the client.

Our Specialist AV Consultants will work with your business to develop Projection solution which ‘works’ for you, and delivers results. We can recommend high quality Projection solutions, which we have ‘tried and tested’ over many projects before. This expertise and knowledge allows us to make the appropriate recommendations, ensuring client confidence in our solutions.